Gmail capture into omnifocus (as a link)

Hi all,

Seeking some help.
Am using OS X Yosemite beta and using gmail for my mail

Is there a way when processing my email in Gmail to be able to capture a link to a specific email being reviewed and generate a task that links to this in Omnifocus? (the goal is to be able to click that link and open the email of interest when I complete the specific task)

I have tried forwarding the email into my inbox using the omni specific email address etc - but would prefer a way to just have a specific link in omnifocus.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks for your help

There are actually a couple of ways you can deal with this, although it’s a bit of a kludgy workaround either way if you’re simply using your browser to access Gmail:

Method 1 is to use the “Send to OmniFocus” OS X Service:

  1. Open your Gmail message.
  2. Select some text – this will become your task name, so the subject of the e-mail is often a good choice, but any text in the browser window will work fine. Note that this step is required for the OS X service to appear.
  3. Select Omnifocus 2: Send to Inbox under the Safari -> Services menu.
  4. A quick entry dialog will open up with the link as the note, and the select text as the task name. You can then add a project, context, etc., or simply save it to send it straight into the inbox.

Note that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the Services extension via your System Preferences if you’d prefer to avoid going through the menus each time.

Method 2 involves a bit more keyboard jockeying, but can work if you don’t want to have to deal with selecting text:

  1. Open your Gmail message.
  2. Press CMD+L, CMD+C to copy the link to your clipboard.
  3. Press whatever key sequence you’ve assigned to OmniFocus Quick Entry.
  4. Enter information for the new task (e.g. name, project, context, dates, etc)
  5. Press CMD+’ to open the notes, and then CMD+P to paste in the link.
  6. Save the task.

Note that you can also paste the link in right away if you prefer – CMD+’ toggles between the notes field and the title field, so you can simply hit it again to get back to the title field after pasting in the note.

Method 3 involves purchasing Mailplane. This is a great third-party app that basically acts as a dedicated web browser for Gmail. You get all of the same core functionality as if you were running Gmail in the browser, along with some nice OS X integration such as adding images and screenshots, drag-and-drop improvements, and browsing your OS X Address Book. Mailplane also includes a “Save to OmniFocus plug-in” that can be used to do the same as the above without having to worry about selecting text first or performing finger gymnastics. A quick entry window will open with the subject of the email message as the task name, and a link to the message within.


Thanks jdh

Method 1 works well
Might also explore Mailplane

My only issue with the keyboard shortcuts is that regardless of the ‘shortcut’ set in system preferences; these don’t seem to work within safari. I have obviously tried to use shortcuts that don’t exist for other functions. So unsure why this is not working


The biggest issue I’ve had with that one – and the reason I tended to rely on method 2 – is because of the need to select text within the e-mail message first. The keyboard shortcut won’t work without any text selected any more than the menu option will.

In my case, usually, when I’m triaging my Gmail inbox I’m using the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, so having to interrupt my mental workflow to actually drag over some text before clipping it into OF doesn’t seem practical, especially when I’ll likely have to change the text anyway (subject lines are rarely useful as task names). So the CMD+, CMD+C, OPT+CMD+ENTER, CMD+’, CMD+V actually feels like a much more seamless process for me. In fact, it’s almost become muscle memory :)

There’s also the Send To OmniFocus Google Chrome extension which works with Gmail.

Method 1 doesn’t work in Firefox 43.0.4 on Mac OSX 10.10.5, leading to the following error message :

“Impossible to paste using type Apple HTML pasteboard type. Invalid destination location.”

Just an FYI for Mailplane (option 3)

  • Amazing App but too bad they stopped selling it. If you have a license it still works
  • Mailplane for Gmail Corporate might not work if the Admins have set up authorized apps features, the Mail still works, and save to PDF works, but all the other functions and especially send to OF do not.