Google Home / Assistant Integration w. Omnifocus?

Has anybody attempted to integrate the use of their Google Home (or the Google Assistant for that matter) with Omnifocus? For example, I’d love to be able to tell my Google Home to add tasks to Omnifocus’ Inbox - which I would later clean up directly in Omnifocus.

Any advice?I looked around IFTTT and a couple of other places and didn’t see anything.

Thanks for your help!!

After some goofing around, I came up with one solution using IFTTT, GMAIL, and Omnifocus’ Mail Drop feature:

  • Use Google Assistant: (1) Setup your trigger words. For example, you might use something like, (a) “Remind me to $” or (b) “Tell Omnifocus to $”. (2) Setup your response (e.g., “OK, Jason. It’s added to Omnifocus.”)
  • Trigger GMAIL: (1) Send an email to your OmniFocus Mail Drop address (more info). (2) Place the “text field” in the subject and the body of the email.
  • Finally, just enable the applet.

Using the examples above, your Google Home should work as follows:

  • You say: “OK Google, remind me to pick up Taj.”
  • Your Google Home responds: “OK, Jason. It’s added to Omnifocus.”
  • Your Omnifocus Inbox is populated with the following task: “Pick up Taj.”

This approach works pretty well. It’s fast and you don’t have to pay for any new services. However, it’s not perfect either. It generates a trail of junk emails. In addition, Mail Drop automatically places a link to the email in the new task’s notes, which is pointless given that it doesn’t contain any other information.

In any event, I just thought I’d share this approach. If anybody has any better solutions - or just plain different ones - please share them! Thanks!!