Greyed-out Action Group Titles

I just sent an e-mail about this, but I thought I would post it here to get other people’s thoughts.

I use action groups extensively, and I find the highlighting in OF2 completely non-intuitive. Action groups that are empty (i.e., have no remaining sub-groups) are in dark black text, whereas action groups that have children (even available children) are greyed out.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. I have been trained through years of using OmniFocus 1 to interpret a greyed out action group to mean a group whose actions are not available (i.e., are either waiting or are deferred). Now, all of my action-group titles are greyed out, except for those that I care least about (i.e., those that don’t have any remaining tasks and are only being kept around because I anticipate additional tasks in the future). I get that some people treat an empty action group as an action in-and-of-itself (and therefore should not be greyed out), but that is not how I use them, and the new scheme leads to really odd emphasis.

I would urge that the behavior of OmniFocus 1 in this regard be restored, and that action group titles only be greyed-out if all of their remaining tasks are unavailable (i.e., either waiting or deferred).

Here is an example of some tasks in OmniFocus 1:

Here are the same tasks in OmniFocus 2:


I just noticed this today and thought it might be a glitch in my display the way the sun was coming in the window so I ignored it and moved on.

It is counterintuitive to have available actions grey’d out, I would completely agree.

Just trying to think it through: I generally have an action group complete when I complete the last task (not everyone’s flavor). I would assume that Omni is highlighting the action group because it is empty, so there is no further action to take --like a friend saying “Hey, did you mean to do that?”, but as you said, it makes the groups with actions that are available appear unavailable/deferred.

At first glance, I would guess that’s a glitch rather than a deliberate change. Please submit it as a bug if you haven’t already.

Thanks Brian!

twangs, per Brian’s post…can you submit this as a bug (if you have not already)? Your screenshot makes it easy to see…and I don’t want to double up on posting the bug :)