Group meeting Agenda Items and OmniFocus


In my job we have lots of meetings with lots of agendas. At the moment we are using Google docs to manage and share the agendas. I rely on OF for almost everything I do, and would like to find a tool that allows me to marry the convenience of OF with a some kind of agenda management tool for groups. Anyone has any ideas on this?


Google Docs is excellent for team agendas.

OmniFocus is the perfect place for you to personally reference and keep track of that specific Google Doc until it’s no longer relevant.

We use EVERNOTE to store and access meeting papers, important documents, checklists and other documents. For the documents that are important to me, I create a link to the document in Evernote with one click and copy it to the corresponding Omnifocus task in the notes field. If I need the document to make changes, print it out, or read it if someone has added text, I click the link in the notes field and go into the document. Evernote offers many ways to work as a team with documents.

I use Omnifocus for everything personal, and we manage our work agendas in Asana, where we can easily collaborate on work items, including making progress on them asynchronously.