Group Strikethrough

Hi, am quite new to Gannts in general, and just getting used to scheduling, etc. One thing I can’t quite work out is why sometimes groups of tasks scheduled for the future have their title with a strikethrough text, and sometimes they don’t. I think it happens because they can’t start yet (if dependent on proceeding task/group) - but I can’t find any information here or in the manual. Can any kind soul explain?


I was very confused by the strikethrough in Groups but found something.

Searching the forum for “strike” pointed me to a post [Help us test OmniPlan 4 for Mac!] that had an entry about a new feature in 4 about text formatting for tasks. I checked the inspector for styling on the tasks with the weird lines and, sure enough, every group with a strikethrough in the title had its textstyle set to strikethrough. I changed that manually and the lines went away and are seeming to stay away. The unrequested formatting may have nothing to do with scheduling and just be a glitch.