Grouping by context within projects

From a dedicated but novice user:

I have created a new Perspective that doesn’t use the Projects hierarchy. I have chosen to group Actions by and sort them by Context. My aim is to get all Actions grouped within their Projects and ordered/grouped according to their assigned Context.

I would have thought my selections would do that but instead I get the Actions grouped under their Project headings but their is no reference to their Context.

It works if you do it the other way round I.e. Grouped by Context and sorted by Project. But that’s not what I’m after.

Is there a solution or am I doing this wrong?

I’d like to help but I’m not sure what your exact situation is.

When you say there is no reference to their context, do you mean that the context for each action is not displayed? If that’s the case, they could well be sorted but you just can’t tell because the context is not displayed.

A screenshot might be helpful here.


Hi - thanks for the response. What I have now realised is that they are sorted by Context but the Context is not displayed which is not hugely helpful. In the Perspective I created I have the Actions grouped within their Project and then ordered by Context, but instead of reciting the Context below the Action (as I hoped/expected it would) it just re-states the Project - but I already knew the Project as they are Grouped according to Project! It means I have to leave the Perspective and go back to the Context view to work it out. I would send a screenshot but as a lawyer my Projects/Actions are a bit sensitive so I can’t really post them. Thanks

I see what you mean, now.

On the Mac, have you tried enabling custom columns? As noted in the documentation, you could enable it for just this perspective, if you’d prefer.

Thanks. I am an iPad / iPhone user. No Mac. I assume there is no similar ability to make this selection on the iPad version?If I can access a Mac I’ll try and follow the advice. Do you know if these changes would then carry over to the iPad?

Unfortunately custom columns layouts aren’t available on iOS, but in OmniFocus 3 outline rows will always show the Tags field (which replaces Contexts). Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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