Grouping in the flagged perspective

I have been using OF3 on iOS for awhile and just now got a new iMac at work. I installed OF3 and noticed that I cannot change the way tasks are grouped in the flagged perspective? they are group by tag, but I would like to ungroup them so that they are like a list. Is this not possible or am I missing some thing?
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If you’ve upgraded to Pro, you can accomplish this using a custom perspective.

For example, here’s a custom perspective that shows all available actions that are flagged in an ungrouped list.

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Thank you Mr. Stringer. It seems like the built-in perspective should be able to do this, like on the iOS version.

You’re very welcome, Mr. Dallmann. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to send this feedback to the Omni Group by choosing Help > Contact Omni .

I agree. This is an important wiew and the only aokurion provided is far from ideal

I have used the built-in Flagged perspective for a long time. It is one of my two ‘go to’ perspectives after my daily review. I, too, was confused by the change in the behavior of this perspective after OF3 and gave up after many attempts to restore the previous behavior. I created a custom perspective to give me what I want and never looked back.

Still wonder why it was changed, though.

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