Groups or teams using OmniFocus

Hi everyone. I’m new to OmniFocus so please excuse me this is an easy thing to do.

We use OmniFocus to organise our client projects, etc. It’s a dream to use.

However, we use a freelance Web Developer for some of our jobs. I’d like to be able to create an OmniFocus Project, fill it with tasks for him to do and then send him this Project so that he can use this from within his OmniFocus.

Is this possible?

I’ve tried some of the Export features but cannot get any of these to create me a file that I can email him. The Import feature on OmniFocus only seems to import from OmniOutliner, which we do not have.

Does anyone know how I can do the above, if at all, or if there is a better way of doing this.

If I could ‘share’ a Project (like I can share iCal Calendars) then that would be perfect.

Any help/assistance anyone can give will be very much appreciated.

If you copy the project it will copy in TaskPaper format, and he can then copy and paste that into his own OmniFocus. You might want to save this in a text file and send it as an attachment to make it easier.


When working with consultants I assign them tasks in Asana. Among other things, I find it convenient to use Asana to discuss specific projects and tasks and it’s helpful to easily monitor which tasks/projects are complete and which are outstanding.

OmniFocus is an amazing app, but it’s fundamentally a personal task manager that isn’t, in its current form, built for collaboration. Having said that, if it’s not important to be able to monitor the progress that your web developer is making and/or it’s important that they work solely in OmniFocus, then there are ways to make this work (such as what @rosemaryjayne proposed).