Had to migrate User account to different Mac. OmniFocus will not open

A logic board failure forced me to migrate (via Time Machine restore) to an older Mac (each on 10.10.1). All other programs seem OK, but OmniFocus will not run (double-click OmniFocus.app in Finder, or click Dock icon linked to same). When launched from the Dock, the icon bounces twice and then … nothing. No warning, no dialog, no window, nothing.

Am in the middle of a very large project (a few thousand Action Items in OmniFocus). Would like to get OmniFocus working on this machine ASAP.


Perhaps you could go back to your backup and restore the application folder again in case it is corrupt, or possibly download a fresh image from the web site and install it new.

It might be worth looking in the console (/Applications/Utilities/Console) to see if there are any error messages logged when it happens. You might also run Repair Permissions in Disk Utility. This quite often resolves strange issues with applications.


Vramin — many thanks for the hints. Console reported a “173” error, which is traced back to an app being un-authorized by the App Store (I purchased OmniFocus through the App Store). A suggested solution was to delete the app, reboot, and re-download via the App Store. Done and done. OmniFocus launched, found my prefs file and my data file, and looks and runs as usual, afaict.

Cheers — you’ve make my day much better.


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