Handling projects that switch type (parallel and sequential)?

I’m in a (maybe unusual?) position where I have several projects that keep switching type. Sometimes I have to do X number of things in a certain order, but then I’ll have a bunch of tasks that can be done in any order. I realised I’ve been trying to remember this and then subsequently forgetting “after X change project type”. How do/would you handle this? Add a task to the project? Add a note to it? Just have everything be sequential?

Use Sub-Groups??? Notice how the first two sub-groups are parallel. The last actions are then sequential. Just modify this to fit your case.

Project Report (sequential)

  • Collect Info (parallel group)
    – get inputs from team
    – get sales numbers from marketing
    – get stock history from accounting
  • Assemble (parallel group)
    – input team numbers
    – input sales numbers
    – input stock history
  • finalize report layout
  • send report to team for feedback
  • get team feedback
  • make corrections to report
  • submit report



I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by subgroups but after a quick trip to the manual it looks like action groups are exactly what I need - thank you! :)