Handmade figure fill color


When I take a shape from right - I can fill this shape with color.

If I join lines into a new shape - how to fill this new shape with color?
This new shape is only number of joined lines.

Which drawing tool did you use to create the shape in question? It is only possible to apply a fill in OmniGraffle to an enclosed shape. The Line tool is primarily used for creating straight or curved lines and connecting one object to another, but cannot be used to enclose an area for the purposes of applying a fill.

For creating an enclosed shape to which a fill can be applied, we’d recommend using the Pen Tool. Alternatively, you can use the Shape tool to create a new object of a predetermined shape. With either, you can then make subsequent adjustments to that shape using the Point Editor tool in OmniGraffle Pro.

You can learn more about creating basic shapes and applying fills to them in the OmniGraffle 7 Reference Manual, in this Drawing Basics tutorial.

Additional information about using the Pen Tool and other drawing tools can be found in the following section of the manual: Drawing Shapes with the Pen Tool

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I draw shapes with omnigraffle automation via applescript using only lines.
These shapes contain joined lines.
Question was how to fill such shapes.

At this time, you cannot create a closed shape using lines. Even if you convert a line to a shape, it creates a shape of the line, not a closed object (like a polygon); you basically get a Pen tool shape where the line used to be.

Only way to do otherwise is via the Pen or Shape tool.

Current system limits.

Does this make sense?

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How to draw a closed multiline shape using automation?

I don’t use automation for OG. You might get better help in the Automation sub-forum; there are people with a lot more experience over there.