Has anyone else had problems with the Critical Path display?

I’m checking out the latest OPv2 and I’ve noticed that on several plans the Critical Path display appears to be broken. One plan I’ve made as a test has about 5 tasks, each assigned to the same user and an ending milestone that has a dependency on the last task. Turning on CP highlights the milestone and the last task but none of the preceding tasks, yet when I change the duration of any of those tasks the end of the plan is changed. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I was told that I needed to enable “consider resource availability” in the milestone settings. This helped but when I changed the project schedule granularity from hourly to exact, the critical path was not highlighted properly. Very irritating.

I noticed a similar issue today. Tasks toward the end of the project were highlighted, but the critical path cut off (really, it started) at an earlier milestone. Certain tasks at the beginning that were prerequisites for milestones and definitely on the critical path were not highlighted.

Support tells me they believe there is a bug with CP calculation and they are working on it. I hope there’s an update soon.

Is it just me or is this issue still present in the latest version? Was anyone able to find a workaround?

Maybe it’s because I had some tasks scheduled “as late as possible”, but I was able to get a useful critical path by increasing “Slack limit for critical paths” amount in the Milestones inspector view. Had to go up to 4 weeks, but the end result looked much better.

@deevee I’m glad to hear that you were eventually able to make use of OmniPlan’s critical path functionality! It sounds like there may be a fair amount of slack in your project’s schedule which would prevent tasks from appearing on a critical path with the default slack setting.

If you have any further questions about working with critical paths in OmniPlan, our Support team would be happy to help out. They can be reached at omniplan@omnigroup.com.

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Guys, I think Critical Path display always causes difficulties.

yes. still having these problems.