Has anyone else had work not saved?

Not sure if this is a bug or operator error.

Yesterday evening, I processed about three dozen tasks in my inbox; assigning projects and contexts and making notes. This morning, while commuting, I looked at my inbox and noticed all the tasks were still there. I thought maybe I needed to sync the phone, so I did. But nothing changed.

Now I am at my Mac again and all the processing work I did was for naught.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience? The only thing I can think of is that if I shut down my Mac last night before it had a chance to sync, but I didn’t do anything different than any other evening.


Hi Dan,

When you have a chance, on your Mac, under Organization preferences, what settings do you have set?

It seems to me that your Sync may have failed from the Mac. I tried these steps on my Mac, and the Mac did sync for me, and only quit after sync was completed. I can’t reproduce the issue you experienced based on trying the same steps.

If a sync was never initiated, Then when you synced on the phone, it would overwrite the changes made on the Mac to your sync account. I’d just expect that a sync would be attempted before you quit OmniFocus on the Mac, as it was for me. Sorry for your trouble & that some of your work was lost in the process. I’m guessing either sync failed, or for some reason was never triggered.

You can check what happened in Preferences if you go to Synchronization, then Sync Details, then click on Log. See if your Sync failed on the Mac, or just didn’t happen. If the sync failed, it should give a reason.

If you can reproduce the issue, please contact our support humans at omnifocus@omnigroup.com and we can try to help you solve it.