Has MacOS 10.12.4 broken Omnipresence? [No, but sometimes OS upgrades lose track of sandbox authorizations]

I have had to reinstall Omnipresence, but still keep getting message “Local file system URL is unset” – I don’t know what that means and certainly didn’t unset it myself, so did the OS ?

Didn’t break anything for me. Sorry that’s no help :(

When you reinstalled OmniPresence, it’s possible that macOS revoked the authorizations which it had previously granted to let OmniPresence work with files outside its sandbox.

The simplest way to repair this would probably be to add a new synced folder (hooked up to the same sync destination you were using before), then move any changed files from your old synced folder to the new synced folder. Once everything looks good and is working properly, you can delete your old synced folder.

I have the same problem, except whenever I attempt to connect after creating a new folder it says “The file couldn’t be opened.”

The new folder disappears and I have to start the process again. Any ideas?

Well I have now had it happen again. It seems every Mac OS update when first installed does whatever-it-is that stops Omnipresence working (the “Local file system URL is unset” problem).

I have now found that simply restarting the Mac again after installing the update allows Omnipresence to get started, but once it has it doesn’t recognise its own link to the synced folder. That in turn is fixed by allowing Omnipresence to ‘resync from the cloud’.

This is all a nuisance, but so far no data lost.

Ah, yes. It took 2 restarts and making a new folder, but it works. Thanks for the tip!