Have new Projects appear at top of list

When adding a new Project it is added to the bottom of the list of Projects, which for me means scrolling down to get to in the future. The vast majority of the time a new Project is something I am actively working on and so would be better to be at the top.

Is there a way to have new Projects appear at the top of the Projects list rather than at the end?

In an ideal world I would not have so many Projects and have they nicely organized in folders, but that does not work for me.

The solution is very simple: Open the project perspective, mark the desired project with the mouse and move it to the desired position with the mouse button pressed. When moving, the marked project shows the future new position with a blue line.

Thanks @Monika for the reply.

I was aware of the dragging but hoping there was a way to have it added at the top by default, so I do not have to scroll and drag every time I add a project. This is even more painful when creating a new project when using Quick Entry to add a task as you have to first switch to the main OF screen and Projects section. This is probably how I create most of my projects.

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