Having a hard time changing sync settings

I am syncing to my own server. Due to some changes in my network I have to edit the sync settings on my iPad and iPhone. The thing is, OF won’t let met. Both the sync address and the ‘stop sync’ button are greyed out and can’t be changed.

How to solve this? On my iPad I noticed it is trying (endlessly?) to sync. So I disabled WiFi and killed the OF app. That helped: I could change the sync settings. On my iPhone this does not work however.

It would be nice if it was a bit easier to change these settings. Or am I overlooking something?

You could try deleting the app and reinstalling- that will lose any local data that hasn’t been synced, unfortunately, but it means you get to set up sync again from scratch.

A workaround rather than a solution, but needs must etc.

Thanks. After some fiddling, the ‘stop sync’ button suddenly became ungreyed, allowing me to change the sync settings on my iPhone.

So problem solved. But like I said it would be nice if changing sync settings were a bit easier.

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