Hello to you all, just introducing my self

Hiya everybody,

I have just discovered OmniFocus and I love it, I have tried all the list and time management Apps all the way from SlickTasks on BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Bold was my introduction to the SmartPhone and it was awesome, the speaker and keyboard just blew my mind.

I am constantly looking for new apps, and although I believe in “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”, I’m always looking for the next big thing, “that thing” is now Omnifocus, I went the long way round into buying/upgrading it though, over the years by buying in to SimpleNote, Evernote, Scrivener, (ColourNote and Nimbus on Android) 2Do, Toodledo, so I have all those apps on my blower, sorry iPhone, Mac and iPad & iPod and for very different reasons love them all, over time they have all helped me out in my 2 careers.

I’m a Working Jeweller and A Jewellery Making Tutor, love both my jobs but I wouldn’t be anywhere with out a smartphone in my life so “Task Management” is paramount to staying organised, straight and true, I’m all for a paperless office, with every man and his dog owning a smartphone, so Omnifocus came about to me from 2Do reviews on the Mac Store & iOS store, once I’d bought 2Do, (for Mac & iPhone/iPad) I found Omnifocus, how annoying is that, I had to have Omnifocus in my life, having tried it for a week, I love it, it is now my go to to sorting my life out.

5 questions, on iPhone I created 2 new perspectives, Birthdays & Bills.

Can I edit them?

Can I change Colours?

How do I edit/add to Favourites?

How do I add contexts/projects to them?

& How do I delete them?

Thanks in advance


Hi Mark,

Thank you for using OmniFocus and it is great to hear that it is helping you with your multiple businesses! How wonderful that you are creating beautiful things and also teaching others.

To edit perspectives, at the home screen pull down to reveal the secret bar. On the left is the icon where you create new perspectives and on the right is where you tap to rearrange your home screen in the Pro version. This is also where you switch between viewing all perspectives or viewing your favorites.

To edit or delete a custom perspective, tap that perspective and pull down. You will see a View menu with a perspective icon at the top middle. Tap that and all of the options to add projects, focus, add contexts, edit or delete your perspective is in that area. You can also tap on the icon to pick a different icon.

To organize your home screen including setting your favorites, pull down at the home screen, Tap the icon to the right of “All Perspectives” and drag to put all items where you want them. Items above “Other Perspectives” are what will show in your favorites. Tap “Done” when finished.

A few other less obvious things to try on iOS: If your device supports force touch, try using peek and pop by pressing for different durations. If not on a force touch enabled device, you can reach more options by sliding left on tasks and projects.



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You are a star!

Thank you for your very quick and concise reply, I will have a look at that home screen now

Omnifocus is everything I ever needed, but didn’t know it.

Love it, Im sure I will have more questions for You.

I have downloaded the iBooks, they are going to be helpful.