Help a new user with customizing Omnifocus 2

I’m a new Mac and OF user and I’m trying to customize the way I view tasks. In PC world I used Outlook tasks, and used Outlook’s custom categories to divide my tasks into my respective roles. My job requires me to wear multiple hats, so I like the ability to view single tasks by those areas of responsibilities.

Is there a way to do this in OF? I’ve purchased the Pro version, but it doesn’t seem like a custom perspective is what I’m after, since many of the tasks related to my roles are single-actions, not projects. What I would like is an additional category for each action/project, so I can see everything related to my role as a student (projects and actions) somewhere, and then see the same for another role in a different view. I thought about using Contexts, but I’d like to retain the theory behind those as they stand now - a context for completing tasks.

I love the way OF handles projects - Outlook had no way to do this, and this is a big reason I switched. But any ideas on how to reproduce its category feature in OF?


If you organise your projects and single action lists into folders (in Projects) based on your roles, you can create a custom perspective with the focus on that folder. Then just customise the view to however you please!

Thanks! Very helpful.