Help! Extra space when printing!

When I print my outline to PDF I get several lines of extra space below each level of text. I have set the line spacing to 1.0, and the row padding to 0 above and below. I have compared the settings to other outlines that don’t add the extra space, but can’t find any difference in the settings. I’m at my whit’s end with this! Any suggestions?

I can’t reproduce that. My line spacing is ‘multiple’ and paddings are the defaults.

Is it just the one document? If not, do the affected documents share the same template?

Just one document. Other documents of the same template print to PDF normally. The document acts and displays screen normally, it’s just the printed version that has all the extra space. Very strange…

Maybe it’s been corrupted in some way. You might try exporting its contents to some other format and then bring it into a new document and see of that prints normally. For example, export to OPML, open that, then ‘apply template theme…’ to recover the basic formatting and try printing.

Alternatively, but maybe less likely to work, you could try changing the format in the document inspector (open the inspector, click ‘document’, under ‘format and metadata’ click the ‘save…’ dropdown menu and choose whatever isn’t current. If encryption is on, turn it off temporarily. Save. Open again and try to print.

Of course, you should also consider emailing support (from the Help menu). They would be able to do more than the guessing I’m doing.

So I opened it in Omnioutliner 3 on my I-Pad, renamed it, saved and sent back to my MacBook. For whatever reason that fixed the formatting issue -no extra spacing! So far I haven’t had the issue with any other document I open. Thank you for the help!

My pleasure. Glad to hear it. It does sound like something got corrupted and it was cleaned up with the alternate save. If it’s a critical file, I’d save a duplicate of it somewhere, just in case it happens again.