Help for Clip-o-tron for Omnifocus 2

So I installed Omnifocus Clip-o-Tron. I quit Mail and reopened it. In Mail, when I go to Omnifocus: Send to inBox (under services) it doesn’t seem to send it to inbox. The documentation about this is pretty sparse. Does it run differently now?

I also tried the “clippings shortcut” while on a Mail message, but it comes up with a blank quick entry.

jesus, talk about bloat and slow plugin. clip-o-tron 3001 is so slow my macro is broken. Adding 1.5 seconds in between is not even enough, and by my calculation it loads like 5 seconds before it clips. And in the mean time, OF 2 freezes. I uninstalled it and went back to smarter clip-o-tron

I have just this morning upgraded OF2 and (maybe) coincidentally also upgraded MailTags. My clip-o-tron 3001 still doesn’t work, doing exactly what is described above. When I activate the clip, the Mail menu item highlights for about 10 seconds or so, and then returns to mail. Nothing is clipped. Nada.

use smarter clip-o-tron by shawn blanc:

It’s what I use. It’s much much faster than clip-o-tron 3001

Although I still have a problem with the link in omnifocus opening up a “blank” mail window if i archive the email. The solution is i don’t archive anymore. Maybe Yosemite will fix this

Thanks for the suggestion @ryanfuse but I don’t have the Pro version so I don’t think that I’ll be able to run this as a script.

Ha! Feeling rather sheepish now! A restart of the iMac seems to have solved the problem…