Help please! How can I use older workspaces in OmniWeb v6.0 test (r318604)?

Hi all,

for a long time, I kept running Mavericks on my “communication” Mac and therefore was stuck with an older (2014) version of OmniWeb (v6.0 test (v625 r219164)) which still saved its data in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/. Now I have finally upgraded to Mojave and OmniWeb v6.0 test (v630 r318604).

I found that OmniWeb had lost all its settings as it’s now using ~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniWeb6/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb/ as its data directory. So I copied all my data from the old to the new data directory.

That worked fine for everything from bookmarks over history to cookies, except for the workspaces. They appear in the Workspaces menu, but as soon as I click on any of them, OmniWeb crashes.

This is fatal for me as I have countless workspaces that organize all my work. What can I do to “migrate” workspaces correctly so that the current version of OmniWeb can use them?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Sorry for the trouble, and sorry I didn’t see this message sooner! Could you point me at a crash report ticket number so I can investigate why that didn’t work?

Hi Ken,

right on time – I was just about to switch back to my old trusty 2014 version of OmniWeb. :)

At the same time, I found there is a new version out there with WebKit 2 – yahoo! Contrary to the last, 2018 version of OmniWeb I used, this version does actually automatically open one of the saved workspaces successfully, but still crashes if I try to switch to another saved workspace in the workspaces window.

I produced two crash reports, one with the 2018 version (OG #2273726) and one with the current version (OG #2273727). For the 2018 version, there’s also an older crash report (OG #2260767).

Thanks a lot for you help and continued work on OmniWeb! I just can’t picture internet browsing without this application … :)

Thanks for those reports! Those crashes should be fixed in today’s builds. (The build that was posted within the last half hour also fixes another common crash involving links that open a new tab or window.)

Yep, no more crashes, thanks a lot! :)

When a PDF is displayed, the Download button on the HUD on the window bottom doesn’t seem to do anything. That’s no big deal, though, since Command-S works just fine.

EDIT: Um, no. Trying to use Command-S crashes OmniWeb (OG #2274191).

(The other HUD buttons do work.)

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