Help Us Help You: Replace Server/Device Database

Unless you are deliberately resetting all your OmniFocus data, this dialog usually means something has gone wrong:

We’ve seen a small rash of crash reports lately where folks mention this dialog appearing just before a crash…which makes us wonder if it’s also happening other times and just not getting reported.

If you see this error, even if you figure out how to resolve it on your own, please let us know.
Bonus points for including:

  • which device & version you saw the error on (e.g. OF iPhone 2.4.4)
  • what other devices & versions are in your sync constellation (e.g. OF iPad 2.0.3, OF Mac 2.1 on a laptop, OF Mac 2.1 on a desktop)
  • whether you sync to Omni Sync Server or somewhere else.



Are you still interested in this topic? I used to have this question a lot and just today again (on the iMac). I had this message on all devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac), but it seems to get less frequent recently. Up to now It always happened to devices on which I had not used OmniFocus for a while.

If it’s only happening on devices that haven’t launched OmniFocus in a couple weeks, that’s totally expected. Thanks for checking in.