Help us test OmniPlan! New "App Lock" feature on iOS, new localizations on Mac, and more!

We began testing on two new OmniPlan updates today! If you’re interested in helping us test OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS, please sign up here. No signup necessary to test OmniPlan 3.4.2 for Mac, just grab a test build from our omnistaging site!

OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS TestFlight Release Notes:

OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS introduces “App Lock,” an optional privacy feature for locking access to OmniPlan on your device via TouchID or a password.

  • App Lock - When App Lock is enabled TouchID or the App Lock password is required to access the application. This feature is intended to add an enhanced layer of privacy, preventing access to OmniPlan’s contents while your iOS device is unlocked. App Lock does not encrypt documents or block access to OmniPlan’s contents via iTunes File Sharing. App Lock passwords are device specific. If the App Lock password is forgotten, deleting and reinstalling OmniPlan will disable the App Lock feature (note: local data should always be backed up before deleting and reinstalling an application to prevent data loss).
  • Resources - The Equipment Resource icon now matches the other resource icons.
  • Scheduling - Addressed a bug that could cause resource schedule exceptions to be ignored when exceptions were also scheduled in the project calendar.

Signup to test OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS here.

OmniPlan 3.4.2 for Mac Public Test Release Notes:

OmniPlan 3.4.2 introduces Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localization support. This update also addresses performance issues and fixes a few crashes.

  • Localizations - Added support for Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. If you notice issues in either of these newly supported languages, please let us know!
  • Performance - Addressed performance issues on macOS 10.12 Sierra. If you are running OmniPlan 3.4.2 on a beta version of macOS 10.12 and encounter poor performance or bugs, please send a bug report to our Support team. (And please be sure to let the Support folks know that you’re running a beta OS!)
  • Stability - Fixed a bug that could trigger a crash when waking from sleep.
  • Stability - Double-clicking the (x) button in the Task Assignments Inspector no longer causes OmniPlan to crash.

Download test builds of OmniPlan 3.4.2 for Mac here.

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I am pleased to read App Lock is coming to OmniPlan for iOS. Thanks! Are there plans to add App Lock to OmniFocus for iOS as well? Please bring App Lock to all of your iOS apps.

@orangeboat Great question! It certainly makes sense to add this feature to our other apps - we’re starting with OmniPlan first, and would love to hear feedback about whether or not this implementation of the feature will meet folk’s needs.

Quick update: as of this morning’s TestFlight build, OmniPlan for iOS is available in Korean and Brazilian Portuguese as well!

Thanks for your reply and for considering this!