Help us test OmniPlan's iOS 11 update!

OmniPlan 3.7 for iOS, with support for iOS 11 features like Drag & Drop and integration with, is now available for testing via TestFlight! If you’re interested in helping us test this update, you can signup for OmniPlan’s TestFlight here:

##OmniPlan 3.7 for iOS Test Release Notes:

OmniPlan 3.7 for iOS requires iOS 11.


  • Drag and Drop — OmniPlan now supports drag & drop both internally and for getting information in and out of the app.
    • You can now drag tasks within or between OmniPlan projects. Tasks can be dragged out of the project Gantt chart or Network diagram and dropped into the Gantt chart (rearranging tasks via drag and drop or dropping tasks into the Network Diagram is not currently supported). Tap multiple tasks to drag and drop more than one task at a time.
    • Multiple tasks can be copied or moved simultaneously via drag and drop. When multiple tasks have been picked up, they will be dropped in the order they were selected (this is also a quick way to reorder tasks in a project). To cancel dragging tasks after tasks have been picked up, drag the tasks off the edge of your iOS device’s screen.
    • On iPad, you can drag task out of the app and they will turn into plain text of .ics calendar events (depending on the target app).
    • Also on iPad, you can drag calendar events, reminders, plain text, or OmniFocus tasks into OmniPlan to create new tasks.
  • Files Integration & iCloud Support — OmniPlan 3 now supports file management and iCloud Drive sync via the iOS 11 Files app.
    • Local OmniPlan project files now appear in the iOS 11 Files app.
    • To open a file that has been synced to your iOS device via a supported service, open the document from the Files app. Opening a .oplx document from Files opens the project in OmniPlan and any edits made to the project are saved to the document’s original location.
    • To save a new OmniPlan document to iCloud Drive, create the document in the “Local Documents” location in OmniPlan, then copy it to the sync service via the Files app.


  • Third Party Sync Services — The iOS 11 Files app provides third party sync services with the ability to sync files to OmniPlan for iOS. However, many of these sync services do not support OmniPlan’s file package format. At this point in time, we do not recommend syncing OmniPlan files with third party sync services. If you do intend to sync OmniPlan files via a service other than iCloud or OmniPresence, please back your projects up first!


  • Icons — We’ve updated OmniPlan with bolder, more colorful icons. If you notice an icon that seems to be out of place (or missing entirely) please let us know!
  • Microsoft Project Import — OmniPlan no longer performs a destructive import of Microsoft Project files. The original .mpp Microsoft Project file now is now left in its original location, and the imported OmniPlan .oplx project file is copied into OmniPlan’s Local Documents. (In previous versions of OmniPlan, the imported .oplx file overwrote in the original .mpp file.)