Help with a repeating sequential project

I am not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong, so I am going to assume the latter to start.

I am trying to create a perspective to use as a my primary task list for the day. This perspective contains anything that is due or flagged. I want to have a repeating ‘daily task’ project that is sequential. However, whenever I mark a task in this project as complete while viewing the custom perspective, the next task doesn’t show up, but rather the repeated instance of the task does. I’ve tried various combinations of deferral times and due dates, and I’m not sure what it is I’m missing. Any help is much appreciated.

You might want to try setting the repeat on a sequential action group inside the project instead of the individual actions.

You might also want to try not using a sequential project but instead using the “First Available” filter in your perspective settings.

Both probably get you the same view that you are looking for; I would try them both and see which you prefer.

Thanks for those suggestions.

I tried the repeat on the project (and the individual tasks) and the results were the same.

I also tried switching the project from sequential to single actions; but it still also does the same thing. The difference now is that all the items on the repeating tasks list are present instead of only the first one. (Which does meet my need to a point; what I was hoping for was to only see what I have to do in front of me; and then when I mark something as done, the next task in that project appears) However, when I mark it as done and it repeats tomorrow; I see it in the perspective. (And if I have things sorted by due date the items that are due tomorrow are filtered into the “due today” section.

Does that make sense? Any ideas?

(thanks again.)

I meant something a little different. Select the applicable actions and in the Organize menu choose “Group.” You can make that group sequential and give it a repeat. Then, take the repeat off the individual actions. They will be sequential until you complete the last action, at which point the whole group will be recreated.

I meant something a little different here, too. Instead of making a group, you can switch the project to be parallel so that all of your actions are “available.” Then, if you click on the eye action to configure your perspective, under “Filtering,” make the perspective “First Available.” You will then see only one item at a time, which seemed to be what you were looking for.

All of these options are a little confusing to start. Stick with it a bit though and I’m sure you’ll get it the way you like.

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I have a ‘daily review’ project that uses the following settings:

the entire project is flagged so the children inherit that.

I use a ‘Today’ perspective that’s basically the same as Sven Fechner’s Today perspective.

Between these I get the same tasks (empty inbox, check calendar etc.) every morning, flagged, appearing from 8am.

These are both really helpful.

I re-created the project using the suggestions above, and am reading the blog.

I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Much appreciated.

I was having all sorts of problems with groups of recurring tasks. Putting the repeat on the group and removing it from the contained tasks made all the difference.