Help with an Applescript Idea

If someone in the know could set up a rudimentary Applescript for the following use case, I’d be grateful. I don’t know if this is possible or not.

I’d like to apply this to all relevant tasks inside a [Given Folder] that are:

  1. Currently available
  2. Do not repeat
  3. Are not part of a repeating task bundle or project
  4. Are Flagged and/or Due Soon

Defer these tasks to the next weekday at 4AM.

What I have in mind is to be able to clear out my ‘Today’ perspective by deferring these items to the next day. I’ll still be able to look at the rest of my (non-job related) tasks I may have flagged or due soon. (Repeating tasks and tasks belonging to repeating things would be skipped so as not to mess up the next go-round.) I will still be able to look in my job’s custom perspective if I find the need to plan before the following morning.

Any feedback or ideas are appreciated. Thanks!