Help With Countdown Events

Wondering if Omnifocus is suitable for the use case I outline below. Hoping to pick your collective brains to see if it can be done with Omnifocus or if I need to look elsewhere.

I am looking to perform a specific task for 365 consecutive days e.g. take a picture every day for the next year, or read a book for one hour every day etc.

I am planning to setup repeating tasks in omnifocus for this. I am not sure about how to do the following:

  • get a summary of how many days I have missed, how many days I have completed and how many days left to complete the entire event.

  • ability to mark the task as not completed when the day ends, in case
    I miss it - however marking as incomplete closes or ends the task for
    the day.

I have thought of omnifocus + IFFFT + Google sheets , where I can create some sort of summary in google sheets based on whether an event is marked as completed or incomplete at the end of the day.

Is there a simpler way to do this?