Help with repeating project

I’m looking to create a 3 action project, which repeats weekly. The first two tasks would be deferred until each Sunday, and would be due every 9pm Sunday night. Third task deferred until each Monday and due each Monday 5pm.

From my testing, it seems I shouldn’t mess with defer/due/repeat settings at the project level. Will repeat regularly every week with Sunday checked (along with defer/due dates) for each task work the way I’m looking for?

You will have to repeat the Project weekly. Set the Project as due Monday by 5pm. Put the first two tasks in an Action Group (sequential or parallel as appropriate). On the Action Group, set its defer for Sunday and its due on Sunday. The third task will only appear AFTER you have completed the Action Group. So, it is automatically deferred (hidden if you will) without needing a manual defer setting.