Help with styles - from the heart

i’m a long-time user of OmniOutliner, and i think i knew the software pretty much inside out. until OmniOutliner 4 that is.

i am completely baffled and frustrated by the implementation of styles in OO4. i select a document style, go to the inspector, and change a setting, e.g. the text colour. nothing happens to the text in the outline. i want to change a style setting for all the items at a particular level. or perhaps the space between parent and children for one level. how do i do that?

in OO3 i would select the style for a level and all the items at that level would be selected - in grey - any formatting/styling changes i made in the inspector would then be applied across the whole level. is OO4 just dumbed down, so that i have to make changes line by line, as i go along? i’m really really frustrated now i find that what was once my favourite piece of software is now virtually unusable.

if i’m misunderstanding, someone please enlighten me. i’ve looked at both the help file - very light explanation there - and also the pdf manual. maybe it’s me. maybe i’m just stupid.

to change the whole document click on “whole document” on the left drawer. Open inspector, then change anything you like.

Same with level 1,2,3 and 4. You need to click on the attribute on the left drawer first. I don’t think you’re stupid. You’re just used to a certain way of doing things.

OO 4 is my first omnioutliner so I don’t have a bias. Good luck

thanks so much ryan. i’m afraid my outburst was a little premature. i had a nice cup of tea and went back to it after a break. the solution was of course, as you describe, BUT i found i had to clear all the existing styles first.

i think i have the hang of things now

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