Help Writing Papers With OmniOutliner

Hi Everyone

Happy to be here.

First, I would like to say that thanks to OmniOutliner, I was able to write a very organized paper for my final. Thank you.

My issue, however, was the process that I had to go through to copy and paste each line of notes in order to put it into Pages so I could add a few finishing touches and print it out to submit.

If anyone could help point me to the right tutorials or show me to do this process better I would be appreciate it.

Also, if you could help show how to make the document look a bit more pretty and organized then that would help to.

I’m new and willing to learn.

Welcome to the forum! Here’s a quick reply to get you started. Have you checked out the RTF export options in OmniOutliner? If you remove the default characters and doohickeys that mark the outline structure, you end up with simple tabs which can be easily removed in Pages.

Hi TheWart!

Thanks for the response and welcoming me to the form. I have checked out the RTF options but I didn’t play around with removing the default characters and doohickeys that mark the outline structure. I will give that a try.

Here’s a question for you. I’d like to dive more into the power of OmniOutliner and take advantage of its features for stylizing documents for ease in readability. The tutorials that I’ve found on the net are a bit out dated and not too in depth. Do you have any suggestions where I might find some good tutorials that can walk me through how to do these things?


Try these. If you haven’t read “Working in OmniOutliner” and the downloadable manual, you are doing yourself a disservice as these are both engaging and well-crafted to help the novice and experienced user alike.


I’m going to shamelessly self-promote my own post on using OmniOutliner for summarizing academic literature (Also using DEVONthink, which is a critical but not essential part of the workflow):


Thanks for this link. Very useful. I would also recommend to other academics on this forum your other productivity-related posts.

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Cheers, thanks for the positive feedback! I plan to do more writing related to using OmniGroup programs in the academic context, but alas, it is a bit of a busy time!

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Hi. I am new to Omnioutliner. I am just beginning my literature review for my dissertation and would like to use OO to do this. I am currently using Excel but would like to switch. Does anyone have a template they care to share? Or know of a source they could recommend to help me in this regard. Many thanks

Not that OO would not work but … far better tools for citation management do exist. Especially when you get to the back-end process to merge citations in to your document (in sequence and in proper format for the dissertation style). I might recommend …

  • Mendeley
  • Papers
  • Bookends
  • EndNote

Others might recommend DevonThink, especially for its ability to search for relationships among the documents themselves.

Whoa! Should we have a talk here about not trying to pound in a nail with a screwdriver. :-)


Interestingly…I have found that “trolling” other forums leads to similar feedback. I am currently using Papers for citation management. My need is altogether different. My request is focused on the ability to then filter based on methodology or participant, etc. Papers has tagging but you can’t really get a good visual on where/how the knowledge has progressed.

I will bet that others will recommend DevonThink rather than OO for this.

FWIW, I am on exactly the same course as you here. I am searching for a tool that will help me search + sort + parse through my citation database (stored in Mendeley) for key information, not just tag to or annotate in the citations documents themselves.