Hide Bottom Bar (rows, words, characters) in OO5

I’m wondering if there’s a way to hide the bottom bar in OO5, particularly when going full-screen. The distraction-free mode is great, but when my color palette is different from the bar colors, then the bottom bar (the one that shows the row, word, and character counts) can be slightly distracting.

Is there anyway to hide the bar? If not, I suppose this counts as a feature request, as well!

(I couldn’t find a previous post on this, and couldn’t find anything discussing how to do it.)


I am highly in favor of this feature request. In fact, I’d like to be able to hide the word count bar at all times, not just when in full-screen / distraction-free mode.

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I’m just checking in to see if this has received any response. It seems like it would be a relatively simple feature to add (many other programs have a ‘hide status bar’ option), but I am also relatively programming-ignorant, so maybe it is far from trivial to do so.

Checking in again. Any reason this can’t be done?

Hi there,

I just joined to say: please add the option to hide the bottom bar! Sent a request to support as well.

No idea why we’re stuck with this useless bar. Seems obvious most people don’t want it. I figured ⌘/ would hide it, or at least there would be a menu command to toggle it, but no. How did this make it past beta testing?