Hide deferred items in Forecast perspective

I would like to hide deferred but due today tasks in the Forecast perspective.

I have a 6-step evening shutdown routine that I want to follow at the end of every day. I want to view the Forecast perspective and have these items either hidden or at the end of the list.

Presently, I have created an “Evening Review” project, made it defer +1d, complete when completing the last action. In the Forecast perspective, these 6 tasks show up at the top of the list–but I can’t do them until the end. I have to skip over them and I worry about ignoring stuff on my list of stuff I have to do today. If I include deferred tasks, they appear at the top of the list and at the bottom of the list.

Is it possible to a:) defer them until 5pm every day, and b:) prevent them from showing up at all unless the “show deferred tasks” checkbox is set in the view?

ETA: I see that this has been requested sometime last year (and possibly more?): Here

I think all you’d need to do is ensure the due time is after the defer time. So if they are deferred until 5pm, make them also due at 5pm, or at 5:30pm if you want to see them as “Due Soon” for 30 minutes.

Due always supersedes Defer to ensure you don’t accidentally miss a due thing by having it blocked or deferred unintentionally.



I have them deferred until 5:00pm, and due by 6pm. The defer another day repeats both defer and due times properly. However, even though they are deferred, they still show first (and last) on the Forecast perspective. I get that a perspective will want to show due, but I really need the option of suppressing them until after they come available

In the view options for Forecast, make sure “Show Deferred Items” is unchecked. That should do it.

Thanks for the suggestion. It actually doesn’t help. I found the following post from 2015 stating that it was on the list, but hadn’t been escalated high enough to make it a priority: link

Oh wow, that’s very odd to me that it would work that way.

Admittedly, I don’t use the Forecast perspective much. I have a Radar perspective where available items are grouped/sorted by Due and only lists available things. I guess I prefer lists.

Sorry I wasn’t really helpful here. Hope this gets sorted!



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