Hide "Due Tomorrow" items that are flagged?

Hi folks,
I’m new to Omnifocus and enjoying it very much.

Important tasks that I need to complete first I have “flagged”. Some of those include tasks that I need to do every day. I have many other tasks in my contexts and so I’m wanting to used the flagged view as the “get them done first before looking at all the other tasks” jobs.

Some of those tasks repeat every day. When I complete them for the day, they are then popping up in the flagged view as “due tomorrow”.

Ideally I’d like to see every task I have marked as flagged EXCEPT if they repeat, then I only want to see them on the day that they are due. Can I do that?


What you can do is set a defer date to the earliest time you want the tasks to be visible and the due date for the latest time you can do the action.

The defer date effectively hides the action from any view of ‘Available’ tasks, though it will be visible in the case you’re showing ‘Remaining’ tasks. (These options are in the View menu.)

You may want to check out the Dates and Times section of the OmniFocus Manual for more information, and searching around for information on defer dates in OmniFocus may also be illuminating.

Good luck!