Hide keyboad when changing "Defer Until" date

There is a very irritating thing:

  1. Open any action.
  2. Try to change smth in the “action title” field (or just select this field). A keyboard is popped up.
  3. While the keyboard is displayed, we can see the “Defer Until” field above the keyboard.
  4. Select the “Defer Until” field. A date list is popped up.
  5. The keyboard is STILL DISPLAYED - and it overlaps the date list. To hide the keyboard, we have to scroll the screen.

So, my proposal is:
If the “Defer Until” field is selected, then hide the keyboard (if it is displayed).

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That is frustrating! I’m afraid I can’t get my own copy of OmniFocus to show that behavior, though - can I ask what version of OmniFocus you have, and what device you’re running it on? (You can find the version at the very bottom of the Settings screen.)

Version is 2.9 Universal (Pro)

And the model of your iOS device?

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2.

On the picture below we can see a bug:

  • a title textbox is selected (cursor is visible) and a keyboard is displayed
  • next select “Defer Until” field
  • then date & time picker is displayed
  • but since the title textbox is STILL active, the keyboard is STILL displayed and overlapping the date & time picker.

Ah, I see! Sorry about that – I was testing with an iPhone. We do know about this problem, and hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for letting us know!

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