Hiding empty projects / Completed projects are not assignable to actions in Inbox

When I’m assigning completed projects to actions in Inbox, completed projects do not show up as autocomplete suggestions, nor are they assignable manually.

I understand that it should be this way in order to prevent unnecessary (and too many) suggestions showing up, but this is interrupting the flow for one particular use case. Let me explain…

For a single action list project, “Complete when completing last action” option can be used to simply make the project disappear until it is needed again; until it’s filled with at least one action again.

For instance, let’s say you have a groceries folder, with single action lists for each aisle. You have one perspective with all the aisles showing up with all actions, completed and available, in which you uncheck things you need; and you have another perspective, which you use when buying/ordering, in which you check the ones you bought/added to your order. You would prefer the single action list projects to disappear on the latter perspective when they don’t have available actions, so you choose those projects to “Complete when completing last action”. However, in the future, if you want to assign an item in your inbox to one of those completed single action list projects, you can’t; not without first altering the settings for that project.

What can be done without having to make it show all the completed projects that you don’t need as suggestions? Even if it was only showing the single action list ones, it could still cause obsolete projects showing up. So maybe the change should be made not about which projects showing up as suggestions, but about how we can alter the views of perspectives. If we could make it so a perspective could hide projects with no available actions, that would solve this problem.

(Unchecking “Include Projects and Groups” under Preferences, does not solve the problem, as it needs project hierarchy to not be used.

I understand that ideally I should use contexts instead of single action list projects to group such actions, however that doesn’t have the practicality of being able to easily move a whole group of actions to a different city context together, which I often have to do.)

I ended up using contexts instead of single action list projects, but now I have 2 different problems:

  1. OmniFocus does not focus on contexts, and therefore
  2. Context headlines are cluttered with context hierarchy

So, maybe the solution will be materialised under this thread:

Its a pity this post does not get replies. With it, I finally realized that the setting which causes the project to disappear is on a per project basis! I wished it could be overridden in a global setting.