Hiding or 'binning' rows?

When working on an outline for a research paper, I often have points I want to make, but I’m not yet sure exactly where within the overall structure of the paper I’d like to include them. What would be great for me would be some kind of ‘bin’ where I could store rows together with their subrows and notes as single elements to be reinserted into the outline later. I’m assuming the program doesn’t include something like this rather specific feature, but does anyone have an idea how I could get the same effect with existing features?

I like the idea of a staging area for developing the outline. Shoot support an email request for the feature. They’ll let you know if others have requested it, and if they will add it to the feature requests for a future version.

In the meantime, I accomplish something similar by using automatic sorting of checkboxes.

First, select your “main” or “topic” column, and open the Inspector panel. In the “Outline” sub-section, show row statuses.

This will add a checkbox next to the row handles for that column. This is different than a separate column for checkboxes, which you can also make.

Second, make sure you Right-click your “main” or “topic” column. If you leave “Topic, None” but “Status, Unchecked to Checked” then any time you check the box of a row, it will automatically sort to the bottom of it’s parent hierarchy level.
This is particularly handy for you, since it does not store the rows outside of the structure you are (at least drafting) in.

Another quick and dirty way I accomplish the “binning” of rows when structure is still fluid is to simply make a “Later” parent row at the bottom of my outline, and store rows there.