Hiding Property Notes screen pop-up in v5.4.4 & v7 PRO?

2 quick question about use of the Property:Notes for an object.

I’m using v5.x Pro as I find the v7.x Pro to which I recently upgraded to be an challenge to use effectively. It has slowed my workflow too much so I’m back to v5.x

  1. In the object properties in v5.4.4 PRO you can add a Note and Data Values to objects. How do I stop or disable the pop-up window that shows the Data Values and Notes when you mouse over the object?

I’m trying to show the map but the notes now get in the way. Trying to go back and delete all the Data Values is going to cost hours. There has to be an easy way to disable the pop-up view???

  1. The v7 mess that the stencil & inspector became is atrocious. Out of curiousity, where did the devs hide this object note and Data Values in v7?


Currently there is no way to turn off showing Notes and Data Values assigned to objects on hover. View>Notes will display a non-printing note icon on each item with notes, but the data showing on hover shows in both modes. This is a feature request some customers have asked for in the past. Feel free to send us an email from Help>Contact OmniGroup anytime you have requests for features that would help your workflow.

The Object Data subinspector is on the Properties inspector. You can customize all of your inspectors including making them floating, palettes, or tearing off individual subinspectors to create your own custom workspace under the Inspectors menu. The default is the sidebar workspace, but there is support for three default workspaces. You also have the option to put your stencil browser in four different working modes in the general preferences tab under OmniGraffle>Preferences.

A picture of the tear off handle where you can grab the sub inspectors to rearrange them above.

Thanks for your help @lanettetest. I appreciate the quick reply!

I will add a function request by email.

I’m bookmarking this discussion so I can come back when I have some time to learn how to use v7 to do what I’m accustomed to do in v5.x.

One more question @lanettetest if you don’t mind.

I was thinking there may be a way to work around this shortcoming. It would require 2 things to be possible.

  1. I would need to be able to duplicate a complete layer and everything that is on it, and
  2. have the ability to select all shapes (multiple hundred rectangles or diamonds) and do a mass delete of all Data Values.

Then I can use one layer for presentation and another for my notes. (Granted this would be a problem if I have to keep the two layers in sync but hopefully a whole scale data value delete by shape is possible.


I recommend making a file backup first if you are going to try removing the object data with a script (just to be sure the data doesn’t get lost).

  1. You can duplicate layers in the layer sidebar which will include everything on it. Choose Duplicate Layer from the Context Menu.
  2. OmniGraffle Pro is scriptable using OmniJS (A subset of JavaScript) and AppleScript. See https://omni-automation.com/omnigraffle/metadata-00.html for an example script that gets all of the objects with metadata on a canvas. There is another example that sets the metadata on objects as well. Feel free to drop us an email if you get stuck or if you need some examples in AppleScript.