Hierarchical lists

I’m looking to do something super simple and yet it’s not somehow straight forward. I’d like to have sub-bullets in text. You can have bulleted lists, number lists etc… but there appears to be no ability to have hierarchical lists. I saw mention of what’s to come in 2019 that there would be some enhancements to text formatting, but this one seems so simple that it should be there today. What am I missing?

In the dropdown menu below the ruler, see Lists. It looks like this (far right):

Hope this helps!


You probably want Markdown in text blocks. That would cover what you said and much more besides.

Thanks. This I saw, but was wondering how to do sub bullets or nested lists in general. Would be a good thing to add.

Thanks. I had not tried markdown in Omnigraffle yet. I’ll give that a try.

Maybe I misled you…

… I was intending to convey the idea to Omni Group that Markdown in text boxes would be a good thing to support.

I don’t think they do, by the way. :-(

Note: iThoughts already has such support, so there is (somewhere) a precedent.

Sorry if I was unclear. If you indent (option + tab if you have the default preferences), you will get a sub list. To go back to the outer list, delete the tab again. You can select the list and set your preferred style from that dropdown menu again. This works best if you have your text left aligned. Here’s an example.

Hope this helps.


Perfect. Thank you. I’d bee using another app which collided with this - Hyperswitch. It now works. Thanks.