High amount of cellular/mobile data usage

Hi, I’m using OmniFocus 2 on iPhone with mobile data und backgroud app refresh. During a month i use approximately 1 - 1,5 GB of mobile data for OF which is a really high amount for me.
Is it the same to you? Is it “normal”? Do I sync to much data (just have a few, small attachments beside perspective images)? Or is something going strange?
Would like to hear your experience.


Hey @tobe, I suspect the attachments in your database might be causing the issue, but without knowing more about your database size I can’t say for sure! Sometimes when a sync happens, the entire database is moved around. As you might imagine, if you have a couple of attachments, that can start to add up over a month. If you’d like to send us an email, we can definitely take a look at the specifics about your account and see what we can do to help!

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hi @interrobang, I sent a mail to the support.


to sum it up: I used custom images for perspectives (that will be synced all the time) that caused the huge amount of data because they have been to large.

Yikes- good to know. Seems like there should be switch to ignore those over cell connections or similar… or even just a metric for how much data goes in and out over cell network per day/month etc. [perhaps this is all available via the system- but it would be nicely displayed by omnigroup, I’m sure]