Highlight Current Row When Editing?

When I have an outline full-screen, sometimes it’s difficult to see the correspondence between one column and another. One of the ways that some applications handle this is to automatically highlight the current row in some way, either something dramatic (background color of entire row) or subtle (some kind of indicator on the far left), or to allow a way to turn current-row-highlight on and off.

I can’t find anything like that in OmniOutliner for Mac. Is there something?

I should be more clear – OmniOutliner DOES highlight the current row when you’re not editing. It’s when you’re editing that I find it hard to make the correlation. And switching and out of editing mode is not a great answer.

I’m afraid there isn’t any option to highlight the row you are currently editing. If this is something you’d really like to see, please email us at omnioutliner@omnigroup.com? This helps us accurately track and record all the suggestions we get in our development database, so we can consider everyone’s interests as we plan future releases. Thanks!

In the meantime, if you aren’t already using this, adding alternate row colors may help identifying the corresponding row across different columns. You can find this option in the Outline Inspector. Hope this helps!