Highlight Projects

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Does anyone know what changes the project highlight color? My theme currently doesn’t show the highlight of projects.

Anyone know the answer to this question? I have gone through just about everything and can’t figure this out.

Does anyone know how to have a dark theme and have the projects be able to highlight. I can’t seem to find which setting changes he highlight of the projects so I can have some contrast. I like my current theme but this is the biggest thing that bothers me other than the dark backgrounds in the info box which has been confirmed can’t be changed.

Dark Theme

Well darn no one knows how to do this? It might be something to do with tinting. “OmniFocus Dark” theme is able to highlight projects and contexts in a light green color which is fine but the rest of the colors are not very effect for me to see the state of actions.

To control the visibility of the highlight color used for items selected in the Sidebar, you’ll need to change the “Sidebar selection: Alpha component” property when using the OmniFocusColors app to customize your styles. The color itself you choose for this property does not matter, just the Opacity.

If you aren’t seeing any highlight when selecting items in the Sidebar this would indicate that the “Sidebar selection: Alpha component” property for your currently applied style theme is set to an opacity of 0%. The default value is 75%.

Thank you that is very helpful, the issue I was having is two fold I think. I had changed that several times but I think the opacity wasn’t sticking and then for that particular setting in order for it to show I had to restart OmniFocus which I didn’t realize. Thanks for the insight on the color being linked to the System Settings as well.