History of a specific task

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to see the edit history for a specific task?

I created a task yesterday, then did some other work on the computer, and then accidentally overwrote the task name with “” while accidentally switching focus on my Mac to Omnifocus instead of Slack. Oops!

Now the task is just called “” and it’s due today and I’m not sure what it is that I need to do. Does Omnifocus store all interactions down to the task level?

Thank you!

While there isn’t an edit history, you could use a backup for reference.

To access your backups, choose File > Show Backups in Finder. You can open any of the files in this folder as a separate document without interfering with your primary/live OmniFocus database.

Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

I looked through my backups from yesterday and found that whatever I did yesterday afternoon to create this mess was entirely between two different backups - a backup that had no task and then the next back that had the malformed task.

So it looks like that won’t give me the answer. But it also raises the possibility that there was no task in the first place and that I only ever accidentally created a malformed task.

Thanks again!

You’re very welcome, @material-appearance. Great to hear this was helpful!

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