Hocus Pocus OmniFocus -- Just UPGRADED from OF2 to OF1 - so amazing!

I upgraded to OF1 and I want to say that OF1 actually has a very beautiful design. It’s amazing to rediscover it again, with the new point of view, after an unpleasant experience with OF2. I’m in love again.

I just wish OmniGroup would continue developing OF1.

That said, time to Get some Things Done!!!

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Your disappointment is understood, and we do apologize. There’s also nothing wrong with posting that sentiment here.

However, the way you’re choosing to express the sentiment includes language we don’t feel is appropriate for this forum. If you edit your post to bring it in line with our community standards, it will automatically become visible again - for now, though, it’s flagged and hidden.

I re-edited the post. I apologize for my excitement.

I hope Omni Team will take the steps in the right direction with developing their products. Seems like many people are unhappy with OF2.

I agree with the OP that OF2 is terrible compared to OF1; just to opine, I believe OF1 was and still is perfect but that ultimately was the OmnGroup’s downfall as they needed to introduce a new version to make money with. Sadly, once OF1 is not compatible with future versions of OSX or iOS I’ll be leaving the OmniGroup. Sad to say cause I’ve been using OF for almost 10 years now.

Purpose of this post is to let the OP (and many others) know that they’re not alone.

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I just started using Omnifocus in v2 straight away so I don’t have anything from the past, keeping me stuck, to get my mind opened to the way OF2 works. I have to say that I make professional use of this software and it just really works for me. I have seen screenshots of the previous version and if OF was going to go back to that, I’ll probably would not go with OF again.

I really like the UI in OF2. To make a proper analysis on which version is best, I would need to install OF1 and work for some months with it… but OF2 works well for me so why to do so? As previous users say, there are unhappy users but also happy ones.

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We’re not unhappy. We love OF2. How could we hate the big masculine baby OF2, while loving the old fashioned daddy OF1?

We are simply frustrated that the functionality and the future development of the greatest Kim-Jong OF2 is not addressed by the team in any way. We don’t know when, or even if, some crucial elements will be added.

I would be much more OK if the OF peeps would say, “Sorry guys, we won’t implement these features, you have requested from over a year, any time soon. But, here is the list of what we have been working on, and here is the approximate deadline, but please, keep in mind that the deadline will most likely change. [And so on…].

That’s what it is about.

We are BUSY, not unhappy. We don’t have time for being unhappy, or for waiting or guessing. We just move on, even if it takes a step back.

[ok, I said earlier “seems like many people are unhappy…”, but I should write dissatisfied, discontented, or sometimes even fed up. We’re not unhappy. OmniGroup is one of a few things busy people are sane, and even can have time for their families ;-) ]


Well said!