Hoist/Focus - Does it exist?

Am I correct in thinking that there is no hoist/focus feature in OO for iPad?

If not, what are the chances of this being included in the future?


I need focus view option in iPhone version too.!!

i’ve put in a feature request for this. i recently bought a new ipad and only just started using OO for iOS in earnest, which is when i noticed that the ‘hoist’ feature isn’t there, something i use all the time in the mac version. for me it’s a pretty crucial feature of OO, and honestly the lack is putting me off using the iOS version somewhat. the more requests Omni receive for this the more likely it will be implemented in a future release, so if like me you miss the feature send a request.

Support for focusing on a set of rows is nearing the top of our to-do list for the iOS app. I’m hoping it will make it into the app by the end of this year.


Just wanted to add another voice to the request for hoisting on iOS. I use workflowy a lot, and I have to say this is one of its very nice features for concentrated brainstorming. However Omnioutliner is clearly superior on the iPad (love the keyboard shortcuts).

Please keep this on the todo list :-)

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Is focus still missing from the iOS apps?

@alehandrof I think it’s still missing.

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That’s downright weird. It seems that the iPhone’s screen would benefit from the focus feature. I was this close to pulling the trigger on OO for iOS, but I think I’ll wait for this until I do. My outlines usually have 3-4 levels and I think they wouldn’t look too hot on the smaller screen.

I think you’re right. I can use OO on my iPhone 5 in a pinch - but it’s nothing like on my iPad or Mac.

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