Hold and Complete Folders?

How can i add “Hold” or “Complete” status to Folders, like I do with Projects


only projects have an active, on hold, completed, or dropped status. Folders are just containers to help group your projects. That’s how it works in OF1 and OF2. You can always e-mail feedback through the OmniFocus 2 app’s Help menu to send a feature request to Omni Group.


To expand the explanation, Folders are the level of planning that remains constant, such as “work”, “personal” or “church”. With all the levels of complexity included into projects, there should not be a need for having something to the likes of metaprojects, since You can always go smaller with subtasks. YMMV

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thanks for your help
I understand the concept of containers, but in that case a folder should inherit the properties of all projects associated.
For example, if at least one projects is active, the folder should be active, if all projects are on hold, the folder should be on hold too, so it doesn’t appear on the sidebar when I select only available projects


I agree. I have often wished that folders had HOLD and COMPLETE states. I sometimes put multiple related projects into a folder, and then need to put the whole group on hold pending funding or some other required resource. It would be nice to have.


similar request:

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Well, Your mileage does vary ;-)

My home is plainly never going away, neither does my work or my church… in the end it will only depend whether You are willing to adapt the logical constraints of the present system or not. That being said, why not innovate? I just don’t see any base for that, the current system is more than capable of tackling your demands. Basically, make Your topmost folder a project, move all the subprojects in- done. Hope this helps.

Your job may not go away, but I’m transitioning from one job to another. I want the Work folder I’ve been using to be “Completed” rather than “Dropped” once this job ends. I have a different Work folder for my new job, and I don’t really want the projects mixing.

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Hummm, good point- you could come up with some weird perspectives but this really is not quite intuitive… especially because, for some weird reason, upon folder deletion all the contained projects also disappear into nowhereland… So yes, I agree, Folder completion might be a helpful addition!

I also vote for a possibility to HOLD a folder.
All my projects are part of some bigger “Mega-projects”.
I cannot use subactions - otherwise I will have only 4 levels “folder - project - action - subaction”.
But I need more levels!

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I know these posts are old, but I don’t see any good answers to this question. I played around a bit and here are my workarounds:

  1. Put all folders that should be on hold into an ON HOLD folder and FOCUS on everything else. That’s kind of a pain, though, to do every time you open Omnifocus.

  2. Export the whole database as an Omnifocus Document. Then open that document and delete everything other than that folder. You can rename the file and if you ever want to see that folder again you can open it and drag that folder back into your current database. So, it’s essentially a way to archive folders or projects that you could bring back or just view pretty easily. *** Is there any issue with that solution that I’m not thinking of? I made sure that when I open that exported document and delete other projects in that file, I am NOT deleting anything in my “current” database and that is true. Thoughts??

I know this is an old thread, but it’s amazing that this functionality hasn’t been added to any new releases.

This is particularly relevant for situations where you need to group lots of projects from an old job or long term project without seeing that old job folder, and it doesn’t make intuitive sense to ‘drop’ a folder pertaining to a work contract or long term goal that has been closed-out successfully, and any time you can spare yourself from getting organised by dragging stuff around is a major bonus, let along having to export a whole database and delete/rename stuff.

Even if you’re in the same job for all your life, eventually you’re going to spend time on something significant requiring many individual projects to reach an end goal, like “Setup Satellite Office” (see below; Getting Things Done® | The 6 Horizons of Focus). It makes no sense to see all those completed projects stuffed in alongside other work when you’re reviewing completed projects for later auditing and accountability (which is the assumed use-case for having statuses in the first place rather than just deleting everything you’re no longer working on).

Sub-tasking is also useful, but again is not a solution here. This is because you cannot easily assign tasks as a ‘Subtask’ when capturing input (as far as I know). Projects act as the primary bucket to throw stuff into, and with good reason. Seeing all those sub-tasks when assigning anything would be a nightmare for capturing stuff, which is what leads people to create dozens of projects for a given outcome.

This workflow is very common (see link below), and is not being served well by only halving a container with ‘Active’ or ‘Dropped’.


  1. http://gettingthingsdone.com/2011/01/the-6-horizons-of-focus/

  2. ~10 years with GTD and OF - my experience distilled into a single post

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Just to show Omnifocus that there are more people still waiting on the option to mark a folder as ‘completed’.


I want the same thing – I have folders for clients, and I have clients that are no longer sending me work. I’d like to be able to put them on hold or complete so the folder doesn’t take visual space without actually deleting them.


+1. Lets send an E-Mail to the support 👍🏽


+1, I would like to be able to set folders “On Hold” so I don´t have to see them If I don´t want to. I know I can just drop the folders but than I can´t send tasks to the lists within the folder, which annoys me.

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Thanks for this post. I too had a same query.

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+1 for this function


I too would love to see this function, it would make things so much cleaner and allow me to only view active folders and not expand all the folder I have when I press Comtrol (Command+Control (⌃)) + 9. I want to get things that aren’t active out of my view and in many, many cases for me, entire folders should be on hold not dropped. I don’t want dropped folders and in turn, projects all cleaned up when I do an archive.

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Hi Omnifocus,

This topic has been a large request from a number of users and commented on quite a bit. Can you please shed some light on the feature request?