How about Status/Workflow Options?

Wrike has an essential feature allowing you to indicate the status of a task – even better, you can customize those statuses (for example, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on). I’m guessing (check me on this please) that many of you use tags to indicate Waiting On? What other methods do you use, and will OF eventually have status options for tasks. If status options go against the OF grain for some reason, please elucidate me. Thanks.

I use a Tag to indicate where I’m waiting for something and also a Tag for the individual if it’s someone I work with a lot.

Actions which are not completed are not checked off, those which are completed are checked off.

So from what you’ve listed, the only one missing is “In Progress”. I know which Actions I’m working on, In fact the way I break my processes down an action should not be “In progress” as once I start it I work until it’s completed. I know that sounds simplistic, but if you break your projects down far enough, this should be the case.


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