How can I add nested task structures with URLs?


I am trying to create some template functionality in OF using URL’s (since I am lazy and don’t want to do the same work twice - for iOS and Mac). I get the general Idea, like creating a project in a folder with something like:

set xurl to "omnifocus:///paste?target=/folder/Work&content=TestProject"

tell application "OmniFocus"
	GetURL xurl
end tell

Also, I am not concerned about things like contexts and date. However, some things are poorly documented or I did not found a more complicated example…

  • How can I add tasks to the project I created via an URL? Can I populate it in the same call or do I have to call 5 URLs to add 5 tasks to the project I created? I guess, it is the difference between /add? and /paste? but how do I use the latter to get the whole structure inside?
  • How can I create nested projects with URLs, looking like:

Project 1

	Task 1

		Task 1.1

		Task 1.2

	Task 2

Thanks for your help.