How can I change URL links in OO?

I have a OO document that has several URLs shown as links that open in my browser when I click on them. Normally this is the behavior I want but for my most recent doc I want the URLs to be treated as literal text so clicking does not sent the URL to my browser - how can I do this for an existing doc?

If you remove the style from the text, the link will vanish with it. Select the linked text and type ‘⌃-⌘-⌫’ (or choose ‘Clear Style’ from the Format menu) and the link will go away. Note that there are some formatting artefacts which remain until you re-open the document (e.g. text remains underlined, wrong cursor when hovering).

Alternatively, you can right-click on the linked text and ‘remove link’ (or ‘edit link…’ and click ‘remove link’). Note as well that it’s a little flaky when the trailing text forms a domain name (e.g. “OmniOutliner on”) while you have the preference set to ‘Automatically create links from typed URLs’.

If you wish to remove all links from a document containing many, then a script of some sort might be useful. Here is an applescript that does so:

tell document 1 of application "OmniOutliner"
repeat with cc from 1 to (count of rows)
	clear attribute "link" of style of characters of topic of row cc
end repeat
end tell
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Thanks, that was helpful. I will say OO needs some work here as the behavior around link handling is odd. For example, generally I’d like URLs to be treated as web links by OO but not for every doc (hence my original question). Unfortunately after I clear the style of the links in the doc I’m working on, once I enable the Automatically create links from typed URLs, the URLs in the doc become web links again.

You’re welcome. I don’t think it was much of an issue when they created the app, or even when the latest version was released. People were just happy to get links :)

FWIW, I find that the links only reactivate if they end with a domain sequence, e.g., unless I trigger a link check (e.g. tab out of a topic containing a URL). It would be helpful if you could change that in the document settings rather than the application preferences. Depending upon how you use your docs, you could probably break the link-creating behaviour by wrecking the link (e.g. putting invalid characters in the middle, such as two spaces) and then if you need them to be links again, remove the spaces. It would be awkward but….

In general, they typically recommend emailing support with feature recommendations. I haven’t done this in a while so I don’t recall the specific email address to use.

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