How can I construct a 'Today' view to actually work off of?

Long time user of OF, but have never been able to use it to work off of. I use it for longer term planning. The reason is OF has never had a good ‘Today’ view. I want a list of tasks for that day sorted by priority. Had hoped the forecast view would be it - but I can’t find a way to sort that view by context. I’d settle even for being able to sort by flagged items. I also notice this last update removes the past due items from the current view. That’s a pain.

So my question is has anyone found a way to simply show a single days tasks, displayed in the order of priority (using context or at least flags). Would also want to see any past due tasks that are carried forward to the current day

Todoist does a wonderful job of this, but I hate the UI. OF is beautiful. I own all the apps and would love to work off them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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(Adding to my original post). When looking at a list I want to see the context (priority level). I’ve created custom perspectives but the project shows and not the perspective. I really miss OF 1 ability to pick and choose what fields were displayed in a list.

If you search the forums, you’ll find a bunch of posts about how people make their own “Today” custom perspective.

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The main purpose of the Forecast view is to show tasks due on calendar days. It has nearly zero flexibility or purpose outside of this. Eventually, power users roll their own “Today” custom perspective for planning or other purposes. My personal favorite is to show Due + First Available as a “Do First”. Once I exhaust that (dynamically updating) list for the day, I move to my flagged tasks. You can set to maintain the context order in a custom perspective.


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My priorities tend to be:

  1. Overdue items
  2. Due in the next 7 days
  3. Flagged items (not due but something I would like to focus on in the next few days)

Create a custom perspective (sorted by projects or contexts) that shows available due and flagged.

I work on all the overdue stuff first (if any). Then I work on all the due soon (within the next 7 days). Then I work on flagged.

I’ve seen similar today perspectives around the web.

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OP might really like Kourosh Dini’s new Dashboard perpective referenced at about the 20-minute mark in the webinar recording found on Tim Stringer’s excellent site, Learn OmniFocus.

I started using it today and already prefer it to my previous custom Today perspective.


Here is an article about creating a Today perspective and the thinking behind it

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Found a hack that is working.

  1. Change due times to represent priority levels. 1(:00), 2(:00)…Since most of my tasks are day based over specific times this works
  2. Reset the default due time to be 3(:00).
  3. Turn calendars on in Forecast view

The Result: The Forecast view becomes a wonderful today view sorted by priority.

Feature Request: A ‘true’ priority level field