How can I create an OF inbox item including a link to an email, which has not been sent yet

When I’m using the clipping shortcut to create an email in, which has not been sent yet, the created item, does not contain a link to the email.

How can I create an OF inbox item including a link to an email, which has not been sent yet.

My current workaround is to send the mail, then goto to the outbox folder in, select the mail and use the clipping shortcut, to create an inbox item with a link to the mail.

That is similar to what I do to capture sent emails. However I don’t send them to OF, but rather DEVONthink (DT). When I process my DT Inbox then I have a Keyboard Maestro macro create an OF item with the DT link to the eml file (email) stored in DT. That way DT has all emails, documents, web clippings related to a project and then I use OF for the items that require actions (like follow up on an email sent).

For me DT runs on my mac and ios devices as does OF. So I can view the OF task to follow up on an email on either device and it opens the eml file within DT. I can then open that file in Mail on the Mac or AltaMail on iOS and then respond to the mail from there, even if I deleted the mail message from my mail server.

Maybe you could send the email both to your contact and to omnisync in CCI?

This sound good, but I think using DT only for my scenario is an overkill.

When sending an email to omnisync, the OF item does not contain the link to the email. I want to have have a link to the email in the OF item, in order to quickly check for responses or create a reply.

Agreed. I did think your workaround was good. My use case is more around supporting both ios and Mac as I’m just as likely to capture or need to follow up on an email from either platform. The DT links give me that flexibility.

I did try the OF clipping service just now and confirmed that while I’m composing a message, I could bring up my main Inbox window of Apple Mail and find the message I was working on in the draft folder. From there I could highlight the message and Send to Inbox (OF). I had not yet addressed the email, just subject and text. OF would open that draft while I was still editing the message. Afterwards I sent the message and the OF link still worked, just to make sure it was not a link specific to the draft email object.

I’m not sure how you would programmatically get the draft object to send to OF as that manually is the same amount of work as looking for it in Sent items. It might be easier to trigger from a Mail rule for sent items to run an AppleScript.

@mbarton98: I totally agree. Maybe I will try to create an AppleScript for doing this.

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